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Should you find that age has gotten the better of your upholstery, we offer a fast and impressive repair service. If you have found or own a great vintage piece, we can help you to restore it to it’s former glory. Be it a pair of 50’s style soda shop bar stools or an heirloom family sofa with a rock sturdy frame, we can restore almost any item to like-new condition. At Chandler Upholstery Pros, we enjoy hearing stories about the pieces we are working on if you have any exciting tales you’d like to share with us.

Upholstery Repair Chandler AZ

Our upholstery repair services can make your used furniture look brand new again. Our designers excel at antique restoration and can refinish and patch up any of your sofas, ottomans, loveseats and/or recliners. We are experienced with several periods and styles of antique furniture and can provide a broad range of services varying in meticulousness including anything from a simple touch-up to reattaching legs. Even modern furniture that has been damaged can be fixed by our expert upholstery repair team.

Professional Upholstery Repair Service

There are many do-it-yourself tutorials out there that teach you how to patch up tears and remove stains yourself. Unless you have experience with sewing, we recommend you have a professional come by and take care of your upholstery damages. Our technicians can professionally patch up your furniture and make it look like new with no visible signs that it was ever damaged. We are equipped with state of the art tools and skills to repair properly any damages you may have on your upholstery. From tears, cuts, fading, stains, whatever it may be, our upholstery repair service can do it all.

Even if you know how to patch up a hole or tear, it is still best to let a certified upholstery repair expert use their resources to match fabrics perfectly and produce the most favorable results. Your furniture should look the way you want it to, so let us make that happen.

Upholstery Fabric: Preventing Stains

Always keep an eye out for drinks and liquids that are in use near your upholstery. In the instance that a liquid is spilled on your couch or recliner, it is not the end of the world. There are precautions you can take to either remove the stain immediately or mitigate it from becoming a much worse situation. To clean up a stain on your upholstery, take a white cloth towel and begin drying the spot. Always remember to use a dabbing motion, never rub or scrub the towel side-to-side (you should be only pressing firmly yet gently on the spot and releasing repeatedly.), exchanging the towel as necessary. Once you have soaked up all of the excess liquid, take a moist white towel and, again with a dabbing motion, begin blotting the area. Now replace the towel with a dry one and start dabbing the wet spot, drying it back up. It is crucial that you remember not to scrub or rub the cloth; doing so will result in a stain.

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