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Our vehicle seats probably see more use than any other seat we own, so your car’s interior is bound to see some damage sooner or later. We can help maintain and repair your car seats’ fabrics and structure. Tears, stains, fading, whatever it may be; it is as good as gone when you choose us. Chandler Upholstery Pros’ automotive upholstery repair team is prepared with techniques for any car or truck.

We work on several parts of the car which include tops for convertibles, door panels, seats, carpeting, and more. Additionally, our upholstery experts can work with leather, vinyl, and fabrics of all types. 

Automotive Upholstery Chandler AZ

Should you find yourself in the need to replace or repair your car’s interior, we can help. Our experts are experienced in all makes and models of automobiles. Toyota, Honda, BMW, Jeep; whatever vehicle you have we can take care of it. If you are looking for new seating designs, we can help you with our expert design tips and advice. Let us aid you in your design process so that everything is perfectly how you imagined it. If you have a color scheme pre-chosen, such as the exterior paint job, we can match it and even choose complimentary colors.

Auto Upholstery for Auxiliary Vehicles: Motorcycles, Mopeds, and More

Yes, we also provide our auto upholstery services to motorcycles, mopeds, four-wheelers, and other auxiliary vehicles. We have a multitude of seating and panel design options. Give us as many details about your upholstery idea as you would like. We want to provide precise and accurate service to you and your vehicle.

Custom Auto Upholstery Services

Our business strives on the fact that our auto upholstery repairs are the best in Arizona. We offer great services that are both fast and efficient. Our cost-effective approach is what keeps our customer coming back to save money and have a pleasant and sufficient experience with us.

We offer many auto upholstery services including both repairing, replacing, and installing new upholstery. Should you have damages to your vehicle’s interior ranging from cuts to cigarette burns to completely gutted seat cushions and broken seats, our auto upholstery specialists are capable of repairing even the worst damage to your vehicle’s interior. If you are looking for new upholstery, we can remove your car’s upholstery and install a customer seat upholstery design.

The interior of your car can easily get damaged due to the constant wear and tear.  If your vehicle’s interior is stained, ripped or have cigarette burns, just to name a few, our repair technicians can fix the seat upholstery to like-new condition. Unique designs that reflect your personal style is what you can expect with our custom vehicle upholstery options.  Our team is trained to work with you and help you make the correct and most beneficial choices for your automobile upholstery.

Contact us today for all of your auto upholstery needs in Chandler and surrounding areas.  We will ensure our team of upholstery gurus are in gear to take your order.

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