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Providing the absolute best in Medical Upholstery in Chandler, AZ!

​Whether you work in a clinic or a hospital, the upholstery in your building can take a beating.

Your lobbies’ chairs (typically) and your medical exam tables see much use. They are bound to require some service. Our medical upholstery repair service can take care of all of your clinic’s furniture and exam table’s needs. We can match your fabric and materials and keep the new repairs looking exactly like the rest of your furniture.

Chandler Upholstery Pros provides the best service to all medical facilities around Chandler, Arizona. Our workers are trained in various methods of medical furniture refinishing and repairing.

Medical Upholstery Chandler AZ

Blood stains, stains caused by other bodily fluids, flaking edges, and everyday wear and tear; these are all symptoms of your upholstery that our workers are experienced in handling. Leather, rubber, plastic, vinyl, whatever the material; we can match it and its color, and we will patch up its holes and cuts and refurbish it entirely.

Our technicians are trained in repairing any upholstery found in a medical facility.

Medical examination tables, stools, dental chairs, physical therapy equipment as well as lobby and office furniture fall under our expertise. At Chandler Upholstery Pros, we can provide the facelift your furniture and tables need, saving you money on avoiding the need to replace it altogether.

We can match color schemes and styles and can help you make a choice that you will be happy with for years to come. Allow us to provide our designer advice and tips to help you come to a great decision.

Medical Upholstery Repair: Fitness and Rehabilitation Centers

Chandler Upholstery Pros offers an extensive upholstery repairs service for fitness and rehabilitation centers. Those that are accredited by certified doctors and physicians can benefit from our state of the art medical upholstery refinishing and repairing services. Our medical upholstery services can accommodate any repair or upholstery replacement you require such as bench upholstery, chair refurbishing and exercise machine seats coverings.

Upholstery Design Tips: Lobbies

For medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics, the lobby is the very first impression that your clients get from your building. When they enter the room, they should feel comfortable and clean. If they are to have their body’s checked and illnesses cured here, they should be able to tell whether the building is sanitary and maintained.

If you cannot take care of your building, how can you expect them to trust their lives in your hands? We are here to help in that aspect. Our medical upholstery services can create that warm welcome for your clientele and keep your building fresh and new looking.

Some tips for making your lobby as comfortable and inviting as possible:

  • Use cushioned chairs or sofa as opposed to hardwood or plastic chairs
  • Have a family-friendly movie playing in the background
  • Set up a hazard-free playroom for kids off to the side with seating for parents
  • Use end tables instead of coffee tables. These smaller tables can be placed out of the way while still occupying the same role. Having the middle area of the lobby clear and with plenty of walking room will make a trip to your office or clinic that much easier for everyone (including your mobility impaired patients).
  • If possible, space out chairs in small groups of 2 or 3. Families often visit together, but people usually do not feel comfortable next to strangers.

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