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With many years of experience, Chandler Upholstery Pros has become the leading aviation interior design company in Arizona. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide detailed and reliable upholstery repair and installation services to all who need them, which include airplanes and other aircraft as well.

We offer an excellent selection of patterns and designs for airplane interiors. We can fit any design idea you have and meet your every request.

Our material selection process is extremely customizable and tailored to your needs. We offer the best aircraft upholstery repairs in the industry. Our technicians are expertly trained to remove and install aircraft seats from any make or model, even military grade. If you are prototyping aircraft, we can offer highly flame-resistant and protected material for your aircraft seats at a low cost.

Airplane Upholstery Chandler AZ

When people board a plane, they are hoping to feel secure. One important aspect to help a flyer feel safe is to make it look safe and intact; something you can do by keeping your aircraft’s upholstery maintained and new looking. We are educated in many design patterns for multiple airports and aircraft facilities and have a reputation for exceeding any expectations.

Our job is to provide a fast and smooth upholstery service while emphasizing freedom of choice to our customers. We can match any color scheme or style you have already set up when we make patches and repairs to your seats. We are also capable of completely tearing out and replacing the airplanes interior and outfitting it with exactly the theme you ask for. Just let us know all of the details about your plans for your plane’s interior design. We would also like to extend our services as design advisors and help you choose the best custom option for your aircraft.

All of our materials are state of the art and FAA-certified. All of our available aviation materials meet the flammability specifications listed in FAR 25.853. Our aviation upholstery mechanics are FAA-certified as per the regulations stated explicitly in FAR 43.3(d), so you can trust that we have done our homework and have all of the required licensing and legalities sorted out. We aim to please and hope to be able to provide a great aviation upholstery service for you and your aircraft(s).

Call us as soon as possible and receive your free consultation. We eagerly await your call!

Cost-Effective Aviation Upholstery Services in Chandler, Arizona

Our aviation upholstery designers are aware of the differentiation in luxury between the levels of classes and will make any necessary thematic alterations based on cost-effectiveness and ticket pricing.

We understand that profit is important, and that first-class tickets are more expensive for a reason.

It is our promise to suit fully your request and maintain the significance of ticket pricing when deciding on material and labor costs for the aviation upholstery installation process. We will be sure to keep Coach within the budget reflected by the coach ticket pricing for your station, as well as first-class and all respective levels in between.

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